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Ecoboxx Outback 1500 with 105Ah AGM Battery & 250W Solar Panel


The ecoboxx 1500 energy station provides up to 350 hours of portable power making it ideal for emergency power supply for the home.Able to run large TV’s,most microwaves, power-tools and even household fridges. A 1500w pure sine wave inverter provides clean power to sensitive appliances like laptops, audio equipment and power management systems found in modern caravans.An integrated 20A MPPT solar controller regulates the charge provided by the 130W solar panel kit.The Ecotank with 105Ah built-in battery features plug and play connection and heavy duty castor wheels. Easily monitor both the input and output power via the large LCD display.

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  1. Built in 1500W pure sine invertor
  2. Built in 20A MPPT solar charge controller
  3. Built in LCD status monitor
  4. Outback Tank with 105Ah built-in battery & Carry Handles
  5. 250W solar panel kit
  6. LED 3W portable light with on/off switch
  7. AC smart charger included
  8. Solar cables 4m with MC4 connectors
  9. 1x Heavy duty battery cable with 175A Anderson Plug

Ecoboxx 1500 Manual

Ecoboxx Brochure

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